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Personal Training

Your Fitness commitment begins.

Confidence gradually emerges.
better posture, contoured arms.
Jeans fitting better, feeling stronger.
Tossing your bag over shoulder and stepping with poise.
Enhanced performance and energy.
SImply Better!

build into your best self

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Having the support of a professional Coach is wise when pursuing a goal

A great trainer like Chad makes you work in such a way that causes you to thank him profusely, between breaths, at the end of the session.  My personal results with him have been remarkable. I would highly suggest that if you are looking for a personal trainer, make your best productive choice, choose Chad... 
- Norman C.

Toning, weight loss, muscular endurance, healthy habits, strength build,  Nutrition optimization, Fitness basics

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Hi I'm Stacey K.
Rebecca pushes me during our workouts and still makes each session fun and interesting. She is personally invested in my health and progress, sometimes more than me (which is motivating)

Fitness training

private one-on-one , buddy and group training

Gym Membership included

Quality fitness coaching. Customized workouts,
meal suggestions, habitual change, motivation. 

Positive motivation training style,
Accountabilty and educational support

Custom workouts designed with your goals in mind

Instant feedback on lifting body mechanics
Corrective exercise, reactive programming and mid-workout adjustments based on personal needs
4, 8 , 12 & 20 Session
packages available

Video training programs
direct to your smart phone

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Training programs built for your current physical condition and goals.
Six, 12 week targeted training programs to choose from (beginner to advanced)

2 custom video workouts delivered each week
(Complete each workout twice per week for 4 potent workouts )

Complete cardio Assignments to score
big caloric burn opportunities

Only $60 to add-on a private 1 hour
personal training session

Motivational and educational support
through text, phone and email
Online training package
starting at $99 per month

Toning, weight loss, muscular endurance, healthy habits, strength build,  Nutrition optimization, Fitness basics
Tell us a bit about yourself
and lets get to work!
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Training Locations
Minneapolis area

In your Home or gym
*apartments gyms okay as well

Client testimonials
Hi I'm Marcia K.
Hi Norman C.
Hi I'm Morgan S.
Chad is a personal trainer with whom I worked for several months andwill work with again.  It would be difficult, probably impossible, to find a person in any field with more enthusiasm and genuine devotion to their chosen profession.  In a word, he is extraordinary.  I mean that in the true sense of the word.  He goes the "extra" mile to prepare for each session.  He comes to the appointment with a plan, with a supportive approach and with a dedication to improving your physical condition.  His extensive knowledge of physiology,  kinesiology, and physical development would make even a physical therapist or physician proud.   A good trainer makes you work.  A great trainer like Chad makes you work  in such a way that causes you to thank him profusely, between breaths, at the end of the session.  My personal results with him have been remarkable.  I would highly suggest that if you are looking for a
personal trainer, make your best productive choice,  -- choose Chad.
I first visited Chad Johnson shortly before my 60th birthday.  His exceptional knowledge and experience have taken my workouts to a new level.
We focus on my goals, including core strength, agility, balance and speed through fun, challenging and ever-changing activities.  
Chad helped me sculpt Michele Obama-like arms (the envy of all my friends) and stepped up my metabolism by increasing my overall muscle mass.  I’m a stronger, more toned version of my 40 year old self.   Thanks, Chad!
Rebecca is beyond outstanding. She genuinely wants her clients to
succeed and provides not only the workouts to get you there, but also
the knowledge behind lifting, importance of form and how to building
good lifestyle habits to compliment your work in the gym. Her wholistic
approach has helped me make sustainable gains and improvements that I
otherwise would not have been able to make on my own. She is truly on of
the best. 
Hi I'm Keannee j.
Hi I'm John R.
Rebecca is an awesome trainer and really works with my level of ability
while also pushing me to go further. That's the reason I extended my
training sessions with her and would recommend her to anyone!
I've worked with Chad for a while now and am extremely happy with the service I've received from him. His fitness knowledge is vast, he's personable, engaged and he truly cares that his clients are making the progress that's most important to them. 

Chad is exactly the kind of personal trainer I sought: a person who lives the fitness life they preach and teach, who listens closely to the client's needs and wants and while he's conscious of how hard he's pushing me, he has very little sympathy if he thinks I can go a little further. He once said to me "your complaining will be drowned out by the sounds of the weights clanging together." THAT'S the kind of trainer I wanted. 

One of the indicators that Chad really knows what he's talking about is in the way he provides real-time feedback during a session. I have gained more knowledge and really "felt" the intended muscle working just by making very small changes in stance or foot position or how my back is positioned, etc. Those are tips that I can take to workouts on my own. 

I highly recommend Chad as a trainer - but be prepared to be pushed and challenged and be prepared for results. (8/1/2017)
Hi I'm Someyah D.
Chad Johnson is a superb trainer. He is very knowledgable in fitness and nutrition. He works closely with you to set and achieve your fitness goals, and trains you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is a big motivator. I became a fan of strength training since I started working out with Chad. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer.
Hi I'm Nissy
Rebecca pushes me during our workouts and still makes each session fun and interesting. She is personally invested in my health and progress, sometimes more than me (which is motivating)

Hi I'm Charles W.
You know that great feeling when you finish your workout and you're wiped out, but you also can’t wait for your next one? That's what I love about training with Fitness Bodhi.
Chad does an amazing job creating workout formats, guiding on proper lifting form, advising on nutritional intake - everything you need to hit your fitness goals. And he keeps the workouts fun and engaging, no matter what level you are at.
I can't recommend Chad enough as a fitness coach.
Hi I'm Brady N.
Chad helped me fit into clothes I'd given up hope on. Having recently turned 30, I'm feeling better now than I did during the bulk of my '20s. I am eating better,
working out more, and thinking more clearly at work. Every workout is
different—it keeps things interesting—but Chad ties it all together around the
concept of functional fitness. You will work hard, but that's the point. And
Chad's a great motivator. He keeps me accountable. What's more, I feel more
confident working out at the gym on my own time.
Hi I'm charlie b.
Chad Johnson has trained me for more than 18 months. I had observed him
with other clients and noticed his skill and knowledge, his passion (and
compassion) and enthusiasm for helping others become their best selves.  These are qualities I was looking for in a trainer. As a 68 year-old who has been very fit and not so fit over my lifetime I knew I needed someone who would push me to do more than I would on my own. Chad is firm but encouraging and I look forward to each training session. I am very pleased with my (ongoing ) results and with I've learned about my mind-body connection.
Hi I'm Malik H.
Best trainers to work with. They’re patient, hard workers, & determined. If you want a real workout I’d recommend them 💯
Hi I'm Erin H.
Rebecca is an amazing trainer who takes the time to design fun and challenging workouts that produce real results. Her training has significantly improved my fitness and has helped me become much more knowledgeable and comfortable with working out at the gym.  thanks Rebecca! 

Hi I'm David W.
Thank you so much for helping me get stronger and more pliable.  It ain’t easy gettin' old, but my workouts with you and your nutrition advice are helping me age with more confidence and fewer aches and pains, except from the muscle soreness after the workouts.
Even though I complain, I appreciate how well you focus on what I need to do to maintain a strong body and healthy lifestyle.
I always have fun and enjoy our sessions together, and look forward to continuing them into the future.

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Fitness Bodhi Methods & Training

An ideal lifesytle inspires you to explore the world, gain advantage on unexpected challenges and live a powerful life.

Physical fitness, potent nutrition and good habits are building blocks of a positive lifestyle. Fitness Bodhi provides superior training, easy nutrition solutions and a positive approach to habitual change.


Chad Johnson
National Accademy of Sports Medicine Certified
USA Weightlifting Coach
Corrective Execise Specialization
Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialization
Women's Fitness Specialization
DOTFit Nutrition Certified
Group Exercise Certified
TRX Level 1
Kettlebell Level 1
Former Army Medic Inetermediate '03 - '09

Rebecca Nystrom
National Accademy of Sports Medicine Certified
Pilaties Reformer Certified
Group Exercise Certified
Vital Anatomy- Functional Applications
Food for Thought: Brain, Gut, Microbes, Diet
TRX Level 1
Kettlebell Level 1
Turbo Tabata
Extreme Interval Training
Training Experience
What does all this mean...
We are comfortable working with most. We help change peoples bodies & minds.

15+ years of fitness experience
Body mechanic experts
One-on-one coaching specialists
Small group classes
Bootcamp coaching
Yoga instruction: Bikram/vinyasa
Weightlifting fitness
Dynamic movement
Body weight calethentics & training
Interval fitness training
Body Building show prep
Nutritional mentoring
Life balance consultant
Toning, weight loss, muscular endurance, healthy habits, strength build,  Nutrition optimization, Fitness basics
A Better Way of Living
We love to train hard. We also have high expectations for our clients.
We provide the tools, skills, habits and training.
You provide the effort and dedication. Success comes!

We are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and we have fun!
We work with everyone to achieve a higher level of
physical fitness, a healthier lifestyle and clearer mind.

Toning, weight loss, muscular endurance, healthy habits, strength build,  Nutrition optimization, Fitness basics