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Weightlifting diagnostic is a tool for weightlifters that are looking to improve skeletal mechanics, develop better lifting techniques, find weaknesses, reduce pain, break plateaus, learn new ques and perform standard movements better.

What is Included:

You will receive live feedback during your lifts to que movement improvements. We will watch and discuss weaknesses that are apparent and how to improve them. You will also receive a workout debrief with suggestions and improvements make your to achieve your goals.

Lifts Covered:

  • Conventional Deadlift

  • Barbell Back Squat

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press

  • Pull Ups

*Additional lifts can be added or substituted,  Remember staying concise will make improvements more focused

4 Diagnostic sessions (60 Minutes)

  1. Deadlift

  2. Squat

  3. Barbell Bench Press

  4. Pull ups



Live feedback and Ques(the process)

  1. Observe

  2. Relay

  3. Adjust

  4. Lift

  5. Repeat

Session Debrief

This is a text explanation of the session content. The debrief may include;

  • diagnostic videos,

  • highlights our findings, 

  • corrections to the movement

  • supportive exercises to strengthen movement corrections

  • and any other information I deem as critical to improvement.

Client review

Marc K.

...My specific need was analysis of several heavier – compound – lifts I had stopped progressing on, and was concerned with avoiding cumulative stress and injury. So, an acute prescription, not necessarily conventional, ongoing, periodic training. For my need, Chad dissected my technique, and identified my weak spots. Chad did not pander to my strengths and reinforce bad habits; rather, specific feedback for improvement. And I mean specific: down to muscles I had not considered as hindrances to my progress (terres minor anyone?). In my opinion, this is what an A+ trainer will provide… the ability to identify unproductive patterns, analysis, and personalized feedback for realistic, accessible “pivots” for improvement....

Fitness Bodhi

Weightlifting Diagnostic Package


Request a diagnostic here. Once I receive the form I will reach out to chat and schedule your first session. Payment is not required until 24 hrs before first session.

Thanks for submitting!

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