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4 Day Physique Builder with 1-1 Coaching

4 Day Physique Builder with 1-1 Coaching

The Four-Day Lean Builder
SGT (Self Guided Training) Program by Chad Johnson


Physique builder Focus:

  • Focused on traditional large compound lifts

  • Builds lean mass in large muscles groups

  • Challenging repetition and load ranges


  • Training Plans: 3 months of training plans, each plan covers 6 weeks. 2 training plans total.

  • Videos: The plans come with videos of each exercise.

  • Shared Video Folder: Send me videos to review as we can set up a shared video folder.

  • Meal Plan: 3 day Whole 30 meal plan with portion sizing and grocery list included

  • PLUS...  4 1-1 Coaching Sessions In Person with Chad

* a reasonable amount of time will be taken with each client. I will do my best to service all questions regarding your weightlifting plan.   Once payment is received, you will automatically start receiving the video training within 1-2 business days.  I will be in touch to scheduel the 1-1 Coaching sessions.

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